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Email Notifications

Email notifications have not been working for me for the last week or two.

April 27, 2013



Which type of notification are you referring to?


When I left a comment on a sentence and others responded no response come through to me. For a while I thought no-one was responding then I cam across a comment with a response. I checked my settings which were fine and posted this comment.

This morning it started working again.

It is not at present possible to check the comments you have made (the 'stream' is just that and like Old Father Thames it bears all its sons away) so I could not look back systematically. Here's a feature request. Select messages by author and date posted.


I too feel there might be a problem here. I follow a number of discussions either by directly contributing to them myself or by clicking the button "Follow discussion."

On several occasions I have gone back into a discussion forum and found comments left by other users that were not e-mailed to me. I reported it but the reply seemed to indicate there was no problem at your end so I just assumed there was some other explanation, although still a little perplexed!


I have also noticed that sometimes the system doesn't notify you and it might not even send you an email. you'll be waiting for someone to say something and you will think that they never responded to you but in fact they did.


As far as which type of notifications the system is failing to deliver, I have noticed it for updates to discussions I am following as well as for a notification of somebody replying to me on my stream. I think that's what you're asking Luis.

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