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  5. "Marcus valde esurit."

"Marcus valde esurit."

Translation:Marcus is very hungry.

December 27, 2019



Valdē ( very, very much, exceedingly ) • Clipping of Validē from Validus


I've just got my "Latin tree". I've finished this course very fast because I not only love Latin language but also because this course is very well constructed and even funny. Psittaci ebrii everywhere! Congratulations to the team who made this Latin course possible. I'd love if they could add more lessons in the future! Good work, guys! =)


The recommended pronunciation (according to Wiktionary) is /ˈwal.deː/ for Classical Latin, and /ˈval. de/ for Ecclesiastical. Here it sounds like "wolday", with an o. Maybe it could be re-recorded.


I agree with you and reported it.


Anyone tried "Marcus greatly hungers."? It's not common modern English, but it translates the verb esurit to a verb in English.

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