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"Tha Seumas ag iarraidh uaireadair."

Translation:James wants a watch.

December 27, 2019



Odd translation though - James wants a watch is more natural - is wanting is only used when you're making a list of presents or suchlike


Gaelic present tense formation is different from English so we use this type of construction to avoid confusing Gaelic tenses. We will explore more of this in the second iteration of the course. :)


wants = desire? versus wants = lacks or needs?


There is another construction for lacks or needs

Tha uaireadair dhìth air Seamus 'A watch is [in] deficit on Seamus'

Unfortunately this is ambiguous as it covers both 'lack but don't need', like a hole in the head, and 'lack and do need' like food.


I will tell you everything about Scottish and Russian! And I really hate low scores so be careful or I will lower it make sure it is not at 0 or anything after zero like -8

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