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  5. "أَعْرِف!"


Translation:I know!

December 27, 2019



Is it correct for both male and female to say like this?


The word أعرف means "I know" .. As it's clear, no gender :)

If you want "she knows" so it's هِيَ تَعْرِفُ

If you want "he knows" so it's هُوَ يَعْرِفُ


Could someone tell why it wouldn't be "Ana arif"


Shouldn't there be a damma on the fe? So أَعْرِفُ ?


It should be, but they are same:)

The same meaning أَعْرِفُ or أَعْرِفْ


It's amazing how difficult this word is to pronounce.


The letter "ع" is a kind of strange from English, but the rest of the word, you can read it if you wrote it in English.. A3rifu "when 3 is ع"


I can do the ayn fine. But there's so much going on here. A glottal stop, then a short a then an ayn (which is difficult after a vowel, even more difficult when there's no vowel after it), then from that super guttural sound you have to suddenly shift your tongue up to do a trilled r before the if. It's nuts.


Wow .. Is it like this?? Emmm I didn't imagine this way before.. By the way in spoken Arabic "I mean when we speak everyday" It's not that important to do the mouth movements carefully.. I mean for this word "A3rif" it could be "A3rf" That means you don't have to tighten both ends of your mouth to get out the sound "i" in "ri" very well. Directly from the raa to the faa "rf"

If you said a3rf it's same .. Don't worry so a lot about little things. Most of Arabs don't make the sounds so well and we have different dialects, more and more make us ask each other "what does that mean?" So we know new words.

Sometimes new words we know make us laugh because it has another meaning in our dialect, or it's just strange and looks funny ^^


Yeah, dude, you're looking at it too seriously.


Valley girl, lol! ;-)

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