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Suggestion: Skill tree subjects and other pages should be written in language currently learning

Simple suggestion that i think might be cool and interesting:

I think what would be a good idea would be to have our skill trees written out in our language we are currently learning, so for example for french instead of it saying 'food' it would say 'nourriture' and instead of 'animals' it should say 'animaux' etc. and this should be the case for all languages. then when you hover over it to see what the lesson entails thats where you would find the english description.

Also maybe do that for all the tabs and buttons on the top like; the home, immersion, discussion, vocabulary. plus all the buttons like; New discussion, practice weakest words, retry, continue, start timed practice etc. and either have a hover over to translate or if not that then maybe below the word/s have in brackets or a lighter font saying what the word means in english.

this should be at least an option.

April 27, 2013



maybe they could be bilingual or in language you are currently learning but if you hover over the skill name you get the translation along with the other information.


That would be cool, but should probably be optional, or only happen once you get past the absolute basics

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