Poser - a fascinating verb !

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I have just been introduced to a fantastic new verb, in the lesson on Verbs:-Present-2. I had stumbled across it a month ago, when I first went through this lesson - but I was too pre-occupied to take much notice. It is though a fantastic and very useful verb, used in all sorts of ways.
- poser ♫ : to lay down gently, to pose | 1er verbe groupe

je pose | tu poses | il pose | elle pose | on pose
nous posons | vous posez | ils posent | elles posent

While in duolingo the sentences use this in the context of "to lay down gently", it has all sorts of great expressions associated with this verb.
This is a great word to check out in the reverso dictionary. It is used in all sorts of interesting concepts. If in reverso, you type in " Il pose " , it shows you all sorts of fascinating ways this simple verb is used.
As a sample:
prendre la pose : to strike a pose
pose-pied : n. footrest
pose à sec : n. dry mortarless construction
question posée : n. question asked
la question se pose : exp. one might ask the question ; one can wonder ...
temps de pose : nm.exposure time
gabarit de pose : n. installation template
pose de la vitre : n.glazing
pose d'un appareil plâtré : n. application of plaster cast
Cela pose un problème. : exp. That poses a problem.
Pose-le sur la table. : exp. Put it on the table.
Tu te poses là toi : exp. You rule; You're good at this; You're remarkable; You have something to say when it comes to this; You're really something!; You know what you are doing/saying
pose de la première pierre : n. laying of the first stone

Anyway - it is well worth checking out !

July 3, 2014


I like the verb "virer". It also has several meanings, including: to turn (a boat, plane, etc) to transfer (money into an account) to kick out, to expel, to fire, etc, in the context of work, employment, etc.

The more complicated variant of virer is found in the expression “se faire virer” which means to get thrown out, to get fired, etc.


Ta chemise a viré au rose (Your shirt has turned pink [in the wash). Ils m'ont viré l'argent aujourd'hui même (They transferred the money to me just today). On s'est disputés et il m'a viré (We had an argument and he fired me). Il s'est fait virer hier (He got fired yesterday).

July 4, 2014

I learned this verb ('virer') watching and learning the French version of the Disney song 'A Whole New World' ('Ce Rêve Bleu'). It was very poetic.

"Je vire, délire et chavire dans un océan d'étoiles"

July 6, 2014

That sounds a great - and for me a brand new - verb. Thanks for sharing !

July 5, 2014
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