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Why is the Hindi course so short?

I wonder why are some courses longer than others?

Four example Hindi has only four checkpoints. Is there any chance they would make it longer? Has that ever happened with another language?

December 27, 2019



Okay so, some are in Beta which means they are still in process. So, those languages may seem shorter but over time they'll extend. However, some languages are shorter to learn and may have less rules. I am not exactly sure but that's how the languages were made. The thing is, though, I did not learn Hindi so I am not sure. If they are missing many areas and not teaching everything, you must understand that Duolingo probably cannot teach every single words and etc. Some have less letters in the alphabet, they mat have less rules, and some are simpler.


I hope they will extend the course. I know I cannot learn everything from Duolingo but it just sucks how short the course is compared to other languages here :/


It's not the only one that is too short. Arabic is facing the same situation with a short tree months after coming out. Both courses were released not so long ago and they may extend them in the future.

The Japanese course also was so short when it came out in May 2017, but they extended the tree from earlier this year to September and now they are working on another extension. I wish they would do the same for Hindi and Arabic.


I was wondering that too. I hope that they have plans to expand. It is really nice to have Duolingo as part of the language study (because sometimes you need to change it up a bit!).


they're mostly made by volunteers

it depends how many people are willing to work on it, and how much time they have to spare


Because India is not an emerging superpower currently. Wait for a decade or two.


Norwegian is like twice as long and Norway is not exactly a super power either same with Polish


exactly I finished the hindi course in 2 days


Haha, I've been working on it for two years and am nowhere as near finished. Find it so incredibly difficult.

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