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"Is toil leam an seòmar-cadail agam."

Translation:I like my bedroom.

December 27, 2019



Why is i like the bedroom i have incorrect?


Seòmar-cadail sounds like a cuddle-room - how cute!! But what does cadail really mean?


'cadal' is 'sleep' - literally 'sleep-room' :)


Cadal. Now i catch the possible similarity to Codladh, in Irish.


I was wondering why "mo" is not used. I translated it as "I like the bedroom I have" but it was incorrect.


I learnt somewhere that 'mo' (and 'do' etc) in Scottish Gaelic are for things actually attached to your body and close personal relationships (ears, eyes, girlfirends, parents etc - e.g. mo phàrantan) and you use aig (agam etc) for everything else e.g. "an càr agam" (my car etc). Very interestingly you say "mo bhean" (my wife) but "an duine agam" (my husband - 'the man at me') - glè neònach (unless that says more than we care to discuss about mariatal relationships in the Gàidhealtachd)! I believe this is slightly different to Irish where mo and do have replaced the 'agam' style construction... but I don't know Irish so don't quote me on that.


Never mind. I figured it out. Its the "agum"


So how would I know when an means the or my?


Same question as StaceyPac...why is "I like the bedroom I have" incorrect?


Disclaimer: I am just another learner and not a native speaker.

I believe that it is because the construction for possession "the bedroom at me" means 'my bedroom' because the definite article here is bound into it in the same way that an seòmar_cadail seo would be translated as this bedroom and not the bedroom here (which would be an seòmar-cadail an seo - I think).

To say I like the bedroom I have, I think you would have to say Is toil leam an seòmar-cadail a th' agam literally the bedroom that is at me. In English, the word that can be omitted but is still implicit.

I stress again that I am also a learner so hopefully a mod or native speaker will wade in!


I had " i like my bedroom." and it called it incorrect. Below that it said that "I like my bedroom " was the correct answer.

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