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  5. "Corinna goes home."

"Corinna goes home."

Translation:Corinna domum it.

December 27, 2019



Why domum and not domus?


domum is the accusative and is used here since we are talking about motion towards home.

domus has only been used as the nominative from what I have seen in this course (it may be used as other cases if domus is being treated as a fourth declension) and would be used if 'home' was performing the action.


I was asked to translate "The men go home" and "Corinna domum it" was the answer! There goes a heart. Reported.


Why is 'ad domum' wrong?


Names of cities and small islands, the word domus and a few other words are used without "ad". Eo Romam, etc. They are exceptions.


Thanks. Yes, I knew that rule. But looks like it's not explicit enough, since 'home' is not a town or city. I get the point, though...I didn't know that it includes small islands, as well.

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