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"nIqHom'e' ghunta'bogh torgh vIvoq."

Translation:I trust the software that Torg has programmed.

December 28, 2019



What's the etymology of nIqHom? Bone weaving, skinny weaving, or second toe weaving?


The word nIq is a verb, not a noun, so it can't carry the noun suffix -Hom. We don't know a noun nIq. If I recall correctly Marc was asked what a nIq might be, and was his usual enigmatic self.

My personal speculation is that a nIq is a physical object of some sort, to which a program is related in some diminished way. Perhaps nIq is or was a noun for a weaving and the lines of code are like the weft of the fabric, but it is at least as as often wrong as right to guess the meaning of a Klingon noun from its homonym verb, so we cannot know. It can be a mnemonic, nothing more.


Yeah, I picture some early programming device on Qo'nos that was close to a weaving tool. And it was operated by the scrawny who didn't go into battle.

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