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"The top of the table is blue but the underside of the table is red."

Translation:SuD raS yor 'ach Doq raS 'aqroS.

December 28, 2019



Wouldn't whether the underside of the table is the interior top or exterior bottom depend on whether you see a table as an enclosed space or not? I guess if you see it as a cave then it would be the interior top. But if you see it more as a flat surface that is supported but not enclosing anything then it would be the exterior bottom such as if it were a book laying on something. I see it more as how I would see a book because I don't consider it to have a real interior space unless I suppose there was a long tablecloth covering it. For me it seems more naturally to be pIrmuS than 'aqroS.


You are correct that either is acceptable depending on perspective. I have added pIrmuS as an accepted translation.


Much appreciated.

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