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  5. "It is quite big!"

"It is quite big!"

Translation:Tha e gu math mòr!

December 28, 2019



They use gu math for both really and quite? I would have said those are pretty different. Like something that is really big is almost huge were as something that is quite big is just above average. How would you say the difference with gaelic?


So glad someone said this! As a Scot, perhaps it could have something to do with the sarcastic understatement we sometimes use here and in Britain generally. "He's quite loud" (i.e. "He's really loud"). Clutching at straws though, would like an expert to explain!

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In some varieties of US English quite does mean the same as really. That's not the same in the UK though. And I'm not sure which one they mean here.


Why "tha e" and not "tha i" here?


No reason in particular, but both will be accepted.

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