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  5. "لا أُحِبّ هٰذا الْمَطْعَم."

"لا أُحِبّ هٰذا الْمَطْعَم."

Translation:I do not like this restaurant.

December 28, 2019



I'm struggling with this أُحَبّ Is it a form of أَحَبَّ or of حَبَّ? Which form is it?

  1. So this is the root verb to like (7abba): حبّ
  2. Then this is a derived verb of it (which really has the same meaning in English) (A7abba): أَحبَ
  3. Now present first: I like (A7ibbu) أَحِبّ
  4. And the derived I like (U7ebbu) أُحِبّ
    Your confusion is in the fact that the present, looks like the past derived, but notice that 1, and 3 are rarely used. The derived verb is more known in this case, so A7abba: he liked, U7ebbu: I like.
    https://qutrub.arabeyes.org/ (type a verb and see all of its shapes)
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