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"Anna, ciamar a tha thu? Chan eil gu dona."

Translation:Anna, how are you? Not bad.

December 28, 2019



Is the "gu" necessary? What does it mean?


What does gu mean, here? Could one leave it out? I tried with "not so bad", just to see what would happen, and it was marked wrong. Why?


I wrote, "How are you Anna? Not bad." This wasn't accepted. Does that mean that the meaning of the sentence would somehow change if the sentence were, " Ciamar a tha thu, Anna? In English, both are basically the same if you cannot hear the stress in the voice.


Well, we've had sentances where the name comes after the "ciamar a tha thu", so I don’t think it matters.


It would help if you put" Type what you hear IN GAELIC "because I hear the meaning in English as often as not now when hearing the Gaelic phrase and that cant be bad surely!


There ought to be a message in the text box telling you what language is required. I made a post about a similar topic recently that has some screenshots depicting what I mean, if it's of any help to you :)


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