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"Glè mhath! Meal do naidheachd!"

Translation:Very good! Congratulations!

December 28, 2019



Wouldn't very well be correct as well instead of very good?


In English, very well isn't congratulatory. The expression can be neutral, like "ok" or dismissive, like "oh well." It wouldn't be used with a positive response meaning job well done. I can't speak for Gàidhlig but I can definately speak for American English, its context and nuance.


My question has to do with "meal" as part of the informal/polite expression for congratulations. Is it okay to translate this phrase into English as "Congrats!" Or would that be too informal?


Meal do naidheachd is happy birthday, not familiar with it as congratulations.


Meal = Enjoy Do = your Naidheachd = News Nothing mentioning happy or birthday in there. It is commonly said to people on their birthday so yeah it kind of replaces happy birthday as I don't think there is a gaidhlig expression for that except from sona chola-breth or something like that but it's used much less commonly than meal do naidheachd, however translating meal do naidheachd as happy birthday would be wrong as it is used for many different occasions. Occasions where we would say congratulations in english

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