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My very own Duo just arrived in the mail

I'm not sure what I did to deserve this, but Duo himself just turned up in the mail. Whoever it was at Duolingo who sent him, thank you very much!

Je vous remercie
Danke schön
Tusen takk
Grazie molto
Muchas gracias
Gratias tibi ago

December 28, 2019



Oh wow, I'm sooooooo jealous.

I want one lol :)


:) I should mention that you ought to join the Educator's Network, Moonbeam!


It is a platform where we can collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other. We can talk about ideas more in-depth than we are able to here in the forums.

Hope to see you there!


Mine helps me illustrate stuff. If I am reading a book where someone is drinking coffee, for example, I grab Duo and a coffee cup and make him drink until the students understand the word.


How much do they cost???


Mine cost me nothing. He is an unsolicited (but very welcome) owl.

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