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Play audio button on every page please

It would be nice if the 'play audio' button was on every page so that I can listen to any phrase - even it is only when the 'continue' button appears. This will aid learning the sounds.

December 28, 2019



I was going to suggest the same thing. It would be very helpful, especially since the spelling system in Gaelic is so different from English.


Hi guys, you’d be better posting this on the main board I reckon. Scottish Gaelic contributors that look after here don’t have the power to change that. It would involve a change in the software itself and the involvement of staff.


I agree with that very much.


If someone is replying to a specific comment, please use the reply button otherwise is is sometimes difficult to determine to whom or what one is referring to. D


I understand what this person is referring to. Not all pages have audio. This person wants audio on every page. As for me, I would like to add, at the beginning of every lesson, we are given three or four words to match with an audio word. After we correct or incorrectly guess the word, I would like the English translation to be put up next to the Gaelic words.


Hi, this is not something the Gaelic team has any control over as we cannot change the software. Nobody with the ability to change this will see it on the Gaelic forum, but they might on the main forum. This would require a change to how all courses work, not just Gaelic.

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