Miracle on Thursdays (Los jueves, milagro)

Searching for a "Thursday" quote to share on the 100xp a day bunny! discussion, I came upon this wonderful "La aparición de San Dimas" scene from Los Jueves, Milagro (Miracle on Thursdays), a 1957 movie by Berlanga.


I'm sharing it here in case anyone else might enjoy it as much as I did. Also to alert Spanish learners that screenplays can unlock a fascinating world of otherwise incomprehensible movie dialog.


This film pokes gentle fun at human credulity and craftiness, with an optimistic twist. The town fathers, the "fuersas vivas," of Fuentecilla have decided to reinvigorate local tourism through a miracle working saint. They get the ball rolling with a staged Divine Apparition and things go well till Someone calls their bluff.


Don Jose, one of the schemers is dressed up as the SAN DIMAS (the saint they've chosen as their miracle worker) and the other schemers are telling him to get a move on. They want him to carry LA PALMERA (the palm frond). PERO HOMBRE, NO SE VAYA USTED SIN ESTO (Hey man, don't go without this). But he doesn't like the palm frond. NO, QUE PINCHA (No, how it prickles). He's wearing biblical sandals and thinks an scorpion may sting him. Y SI ME PICA UN ALACRÁN (And if a scorpion stings me).

You'll hear him announce himself to Mauro, the town simpleton:"Yo soy San Dimas, el que los antiguos llamaron el Buen Ladrón. Oh! Escucha tu. Escucha la palabra del Bienaventura Dimas. Pues que has sido tu elegido por la Divina Misericordia." I am Saint Dimas who the ancient ones called The Good Thief. Oh hear. Hear the words of the Blessed Dimas. You have been chosen for divine mercy."

"San Dimas" keeps repeating "OH! ESCUCHA TU..." because he's forgotten his lines (one of his friends has to prompt him, hiding behind the palm frond). The sound man gets flustered and replaces the heavenly choir with Figaro. But Mauro is convinced and runs through the town shouting MILAGRO, MILAGRO (Miracle, Miracle). Everybody wake up and listen.

July 3, 2014


It's nice to see people enjoy this scene! You should see the whole movie!

July 3, 2014

Yes, thanks. I just found the whole movie at:

July 4, 2014

Wonderful scene. The quality of your link is much better. And with the screenplay you should be able to follow most of it. It's dense with stage direction, but much better than most captioning.

Did you realize alacran comes from Classical Arabic aqrab? You can see a list of Arabic words (mostly nouns) that have come into Castillian at:

July 4, 2014

Hilarious. So much atmosphere created with such a spare set. The actor playing Dimas is brilliant. Without the hints I would, of course, have been totally out to sea.

Something I've been enjoying. No relation to film, but related to comprehension. People from many different areas speaking on various topics at assorted proficiency levels. Text included.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises:

July 4, 2014

I looked up the actor. Pepe Isbert. Charming isn't he? The exercises aren't flashy, but really useful for vocabulary and comprehension. Thanks.

July 7, 2014
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