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"The story is told"

Translation:Pīpī holo kaʻao

December 28, 2019



Here is some research. In 'Olelo No'eau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum Special Publication No. 71, copyright 1983, Mary Pukui writes on Page 291, #2658:

Pīpī holo ka'au means "It is sprinkled, the tale has fled." She says "This is used at the end of a tale to indicate that it is finished."

There are literally thousands of poetical sayings in every language. This may be a traditional ending to storytelling in various regions of the Islands. Tammy Baker of the University of Hawaii Manoa says that her family would say this at the end of a tale as a tradition.

I do not know if this is a common expression; I have never heard it before. But if you studied Hawaiian at Kamehameha or UH, maybe you have. Is this a common expression, and if you have heard it before, from what region did you learn it? Mahalo.


Ha'ina ia mai ana ka puana. "The echo of our song is heard." Or, a more common translation: "There, we said it."



[PE] 1 nvt Legend, tale, novel, romance, usually fanciful; fiction; tell a fanciful tale. [PCP t(a, e)kao] 1 ► hoʻokaʻao To tell tales; story telling.



[PE] 1 vi To run, sail, ride, go; to flow, as water; to run, as for political office; to slide, as an avalanche; fleet, fast; double time; landslide; to fare, progress. Cf. holoholo, holo i mua, holo lio, holomoku. Holo nui, to run fast, gallop. Holo ka hana, fast work. Ua holo ka ulu ʻana o ka pēpē, the baby is growing fast. Ka mea e holo ana, whatever goes; however it goes or happens. Pehea ka holo ʻana? How is it going? What fortune? hoʻoholo To sail, run; to cause to run, sail, run free, as a horse; to ride, as a horse; to add water, as to poi; to flush, as a toilet; to drive, as a carriage. Hoʻoholo ʻāwīwī, to speed up, accelerate. Hoʻoholo moa, to slide the moa dart. Hoʻoholo kāmelo, to ride camels. Hoʻoholo i ka wai o ka lua, to flush the toilet. [PPN solo]



[PE] 1 Redup. of pī 1, stingy.

2 Redup. of pī 3; to urinate. [Eng PPN piipii] A īnā e pīpī ʻia ke koko ona ma ke kapa komo When there is sprinkled of the blood thereof upon any garment

Pīpī holo kaʻao. Sprinkled, the tale runs [a phrase used at the end of tales].

1 ► hoʻopīpī To cause to sprinkle, urinate.

3 n Female ʻōʻō, a honey eater.


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