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  5. "Seall! Seo seacaid."

"Seall! Seo seacaid."

Translation:Look! This is a jacket.

December 28, 2019



Say that 5 times fast


Look! This is a jacket Look! This is a jacket Look! This is a jacket Look! This is a jacket Look! This is a jacket


I just did it and I think I broke my tongue


Why is seacaid "shakhgatch"? What do I learn about Gaelic pronunciation of a 'c' from this, that every time I see a 'c' I pronounce it kh-g? (I can live with the other sounds.)


It just depends on where the c is. In the middle or a word, yes it does make that kh sound.


"P, T and C; as in English, except that in the middle or end of words you should add a very slight 'kh' sound before them, almost no more than a little extra breath. (That 'kh' is the back of the throat sound as in loch or German Bach. Practise it.) E.g. c├árn 'caarn', baca 'ba(kh)-kuh'."


A question about "seo".. why "this" is not "it" is? Surely they mean the same unless you're contrasting "this" vs "that"?

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