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  5. "This is a chicken."

"This is a chicken."

Translation:Seo cearc.

December 28, 2019



Yeah ok, but what does seo actually mean? Is it a verb or a pronoun?


I think it's classed as a copula.

It's basically both a verb and an adjective, in the same way that "am" is in English.

Seo, sin, and siud, are actually shorthand forms. The full, older, version is 'S e seo.

Seo means "this", but the 's e part isn't really used and is assumed. So "seo" is taken to mean "this is". Because it's not technically "seo" which is the identifying particle, "seo" can be flexible where it goes in sentences.

For example:

Dè tha SEO? - What is this? SEO uinneag - This is a window


It means This or this is


A live chicken is an 'isean'. Chicken as food is 'cearc'.


I went with isean but it was rejected.


Is it ok as "this is chicken" AND "this is A chicken"?


Why is chicken not recognised as isean on Duolingo? What does Duolingo recognise as isean?

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