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"Did you bring your lunch pail?"

Translation:Ua lawe ʻoe i ke kini ʻaiō?

December 28, 2019



Why is it KE kino aio if it's YOUR lunch pail?

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Yeah, that's not the way I would have translated it.


"Ua lawe ʻoe i kāu kini ʻaiō?" was accepted. 7/27/2020


Why is there no 'Anei', since it is a yes/no question


Maybe you are a native speaker? Aloha. I had never heard of anei but I see it in Pukui-Elbert as you say and it would fit well here. We just haven’t been taught it yet. Mahalo no kou mana’o.

Could you kindly demonstrate how it would be used / placed in this sentence? I’ve learnt a new word! :)

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