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Arabic on Duolingo: Is it Even Worth it?

Hey guys! This is for everyone who had been anticipating the Arabic course on Duolingo. I've personally been learning Arabic for about two years. Of course, for the first year and a half, Arabic wasn't on Duolingo, but I saw it was being worked on and I was extremely excited for it. Then it launched... The whole "tree" for Arabic was rather short for how long they worked on it, and I found all the phrases not practical, even more so than other languages in Duolingo. Therefore, I started learning Arabic elsewhere. Let me know if you guys share similar thoughts in the comments section below, and let me know if you think differently. This is just my opinion and I welcome everyone else's. Just wanted to share my experience.

December 29, 2019



It will be extremely useful if you ever meet Judy and Carrie, and they want to get married, and they have a weird dog, and their boss is a French engineer who has a blue and brown scarf.

You'll be able to use what you have learned on duolingo to describe the situation in detail, Praise be to God.


Laughing out loud... "Duo is a queen" is my favorite.


Lol this is too funny , like “my professor is a professor”


i agree . There aren't as many phrases or topics i would have expected in the Arabic course. It is rather rushed as the tree is short. Not really technical if you WANT to learn arabic in my opinion.


Yes, you are right with me, I speak Arabic fluently, and I wanted to test the curriculum here, and I found it, as I said, not practical, and it lacks a lot to become certified.


Did you use any online sources to become fluent? and if so could you share them?


I had a few classes at the college, of Arabic and Hebrew, but I didn't go too deep, here I don't let them rust too much. دوو ملكة


Hello, So I speak Arabic as it is my native language. I was checking the Arabic course on Duo-lingo and I can tell you that the course is not professional enough even to learn the basics of Arabic Language.


What should you expect from this course? I hope after this course I can read Arabic words without many mistakes. The Arabic alphabet is difficult to learn and specially the several similar sounds of this language. I don't expect to be more this short tree. Arabic is a chapter in language learning by itself.


From knowing no more than a handful of Arabic words I had a look at the Arabic section on Duo and did some of the alphabet start. Interesting to try to get some sort of start on the written language but I'm not sure how much I've really learnt so far. If I ever want to seriously study Arabic I think I'll need more than this. But to be honest I find that with all languages. Duo is great for practising what you've learnt elsewhere but I don't know if it's possible to learn a language from scratch with it.


I've been learning Spanish from scratch with Duolingo, just 5 minutes per day. (I started around 4 years ago, I think, but there have been weeks and months in-between where I switched to another language for quite some time.) I can now hold simple conversations with my Cuban friends. I understand more than I can speak/write though.

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