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What is the difference between die Hose and die Hosen?

July 31, 2012



"die Hose" (= one pair of trousers) is singular and "die Hosen" (= two or more pairs of trousers) is plural. However, sometimes the plural "die Hosen" is also used to refer to only one pair of trousers.


Thank you; that's a very helpful answer.


thanks this is a really good and helpful answer


I thought “der Hose” was a “pair of pants” (lit. Pants) And “Die Hosen” was multiple pairs of pants?


Hi! I think the first answer here is the correct one. It's die Hose (feminine-singular) in general when you mention one pair of pants and die Hosen (plural) when you talk about more pairs, although the plural (die Hosen) can be used as well for one pair of pants. They analyse it pretty well here https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/hose-vs-hosen.581445/


I think trousers were originally two separate garments, one for each leg. And I think there was a "cod-piece" to cover the gap :-o

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