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  5. "He kāne puni hula ʻo ia."

"He kāne puni hula ʻo ia."

Translation:He is a man who loves hula.

December 29, 2019



Shouldnʻt "He is a man who loves to hula." also be accepted since hula is both a noun and a verb?


Hmm. *He kāne puni i ka hula 'o ia." I am not sure I got that right, but it may be the prompt you are looking for. FYI I am a man who loves hula for many reasons. But I hate to hula because I am horrible at it.


I try to listen without looking the writing for better hearing lessons. Does the word 'he' should be pronounced 'hay'?


I believe it is kind of half way between a "heh" and a "hay"

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