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  5. "Tha an taigh-beag grànnda."

"Tha an taigh-beag grànnda."

Translation:The toilet is horrible.

December 29, 2019



Brings new meaning to "Little House" on the prairie! :)


Does this refer to the room or the appliance?


Both. In the UK we call the rest room the toilet same as we do the appliance.


Here in America a restroom is generally found in public places like restaurants. In the home it is generally called the bathroom.

So if I said: Tha t-amar ann an taigh-beag. Would this be right?


The lesson hints/tips specifically say that "an taigh-beag" is "a" toilet and not "the" toilet. So I got it wrong...hmmm...no place to write a comment on the reporting feature to explain. Had the tips not said that, I'd probably have used "the."


I think you may be confused by a very confusing feature of this language, the phrase "ann an." "An" means "the" in English, but for some baffling reason that the moderators tried heroically, but vainly, to explain to me, "ann an" means "in a," not as one would expect, in the. There is also a way to say "in the," but it seems to be so complex that the course never introduces it.


I'm not really sure this addresses my comment exactly. But thank you for trying.


I can't see how old this comment is on my phone, so my reply might be incredibly late.

However 'taigh-beag' is 'a toilet', while an taigh-beag' is 'the toilet'. This seems to be shown correctly in the tips which only translates 'taigh-beag' as '(a) toilet'. But clearly this could have been different when you posted your comment.

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