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"Càite a bheil an leabaidh agam?"

Translation:Where is my bed?

December 29, 2019



Hi, there are two types of possession in Gaelic. Alienable and inalienable. In Scottish Gaelic you wouldn't use "mo" for objects like a bed. Have a look at the grammar notes, they explain them in detail. https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Thanks for posting this link i want aware of this duoling resource


Is there no possessive pronoun like "mo" in Irish?


Why is where sometimes spelled "Caite a bheil" and sometimes "Cait a bheil"? When do i use which one?


Technically, càit a bheil is correct, but either or will be understood. "Càite a bheil" is just an older spelling that we are going to remove in the next course :)

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