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  5. "Seanmhair mhòr."

"Seanmhair mhòr."

Translation:A big grandmother.

December 29, 2019



Why do we have to add the "h" after the "m" in "mòr" and "beag" when they follow words like "màthair"?


If you read the tips you'd know that happens following a feminine noun ;)


Tips are only available on the web version. Not helpful to people using the mobile app.


You can get to them on your phone's web browser quite easily though. Just go to www.duolingo.com and sign in. I'm on the phone app right now, and have them open in my phone's browser. The tips for this lesson are at: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/Family/tips-and-notes


Ohhhh, I hadn't noticed the tips. That's very helpful. Thank you.


Now, what tip, for me using the app?


I just tried going on duo on my laptop and could not find"tips". Where is she, please?


Just find the lesson you want tips for on the tree. When you click on it to open it, you'll see two buttons instead of one: "Tips" and "Practice" Click "Tips" and rejoice and study!

I like to select the whole lesson and paste it into a file where I make annotations and further notes, so I have everything in one place for review.

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