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  5. "Cò às a tha thu a charaid?"

" às a tha thu a charaid?"

Translation:Where are you from, friend?

December 29, 2019



I am I the only one who thinks the audio in this is super hard to understand.


This could be clearer. I'll re-record.


I agree, it's very muffled


Hey, it is flagged for replacement but a bug is preventing this at the moment. Cheers!


I am having a bit of trouble with the pronounciation of the "th" , its definitely not pronounced like in english but I'm having trouble thinking how it works - is it just pronounced like "h"? Sorry if the question does not make a lot of sense!


It's similar to a "h" in most situations. :)


As someone who needs to understand the entire sentence to remember it properly, I'm kinda confused.

Is "Cò"used at the beginning for all questions?

Why did "from"change from an "à" change into an "as"?

And what part does "a" play in the structure?


"Cò" is use for the question "Where are you from ?" = Cò às a tha thu ?

I think "Cò às" is just the Gaelic construction for the question, it works together. You cannot say "Cò a tha thu?"

The "a" is for vocativ form. It works with "charaid". You cannot say: "Cò às a tha thu charaid ?". a charaid = friend (vocative form) / caraid = friend (the word). For exemple, I like a friend = Is toil leam caraid. / Hello friend ! = Halò a charaid !

I'm french, then Gaelic is not my native language. A person with the Gaelic knowledge or native could confirm my words.

When you click on a lesson, you can begin the exercices or read some tips. Tips are usefull, you find a lot information (sentence construction, grammar etc.). An advise, click on tips !

Enjoy :-)


I got this wrong because his accent put me off, not because I I didn't know the answer


I know 'thu' is used for familiarity or someone younger. So if you are younger than the person you are asking, would you use 'sibh'?

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