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How are you progressing in Hindi?

I have finished the course, and wonder if anyone else has.

What can we do to progress in Hindi in the absence of stories?

Grammar, vocabulary. speaking, writing...how can we improve after finishing the course?

December 29, 2019



Sesame street in Hindi! It's called Galli Galli Sim Sim. The Bert and Ernie movies are also great. Easy language and not too fast and of course lots of repetitions. I watch the ones with English subtitles.


That was my favourite show when I was little.


Hello, this sounds like a great idea! Where can I find Galli Galli Sim Sim with English subtitles? The ones on YouTube don't seem to have subtitles. Thanks :-)


I've nearly finished the Hindi course. I also use the following books: Teach Yourself: Get Started in Hindi (comes with audio) Teach Yourself: Complete Hindi (comes with audio) Elementary Hindi & Workbook published by Tuttle (comes with audio) Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Hindi Hindi Grammar by David James Young Hindi: An Essential Grammar by Rama Kant Agnihotri Hindi for Non-Hindi Speaking People by Kavita Kumar

Also: Hindi Flashcards published by Tuttle

Also Hindi films & news channels are useful, as are Bollywood songs - plenty of them on YouTube.

I hope some of that may be useful for you. It would be great to have stories in Hindi on Duolingo!


The reverse tree, public domain Hindi readers on archive.org, FunEasyLearn's 6000 Hindi words app.


watch hindi movies maybe??


I've ordered one of the Hindi books from Amazon that seems to be pretty well-respected, and I've been trying to watch more videos in Hindi for immersion. Eventually I'd like to get some of my coworkers to talk to me in Hindi, but I'm a little shy about asking. Cooking videos are my favorite so far, because it's pretty easy to pick up new words from context, and, in theory, I get to learn how to cook delicious food. :)

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