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  5. "Vos ad forum itis."

"Vos ad forum itis."

Translation:You go to the market.

December 29, 2019



In English English it's acceptable to say " Go to market".


It is as well in American English when talking about offering a product for sale for the first time or stocks.

Is the physical act of going to the market included with what you say?


Yes I think so. Kids in England used to learn the nursery rhyme: "This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed at home"etc.


I think this is something regional or specific, around me the "the" was included.


In the U.K. of my youth, about a half a century ago, there would be market days in large towns on certain days every week, where merchants would have stalls, like a high-class flea market in the States, when the weather was not absolutely terrible, and one would say, "I'm going to market."


I am wondering why someone is apparently going through and downvoting everything to the effect of, “dropping the article is acceptable in my regional dialect.” Do they know something we don’t?


This probably should be translated as "you are going to the market," as it has a present verb in the indicative mood. "You go" in English sounds like it is in the imperative mood.


To be an imperative would require a comma after the 'you,' There are a number of present tenses in English and by saying 'you go to market' we are using a continuous present with the implication of going regularly. As with many situations, using a single sentence out of context fails to allow for variations in intention


I find this persons pronunciation difficult to understand.


In English the addition of 'the' is completely unnecessary. 'You go to market' is perfectly acceptable.


In English English, yes. In American English (which is what Duolingo uses, being based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA), no. Which is not to say that your version shouldn't be accepted but that your "completely unnecessary" is overly broad.


I have difficulties to properly understand this person's pronunciation of 'vos'. (Sounded more like 'quos' or something similar - to me, at least.)

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