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  5. "Were you speaking with Iain?"

"Were you speaking with Iain?"

Translation:An robh thu a' bruidhinn ri Iain?

December 29, 2019



Why do you use ri rather than comhla ri in this situation?


Pretty much for the same reason you use ri in comhla ri.

Ri is used to mean "to" when you are reffering to a person. Còmhla means "along". So it needs a preposition to go with it to imply who it's being directed at.

Bruidhinn is the same. You are speaking to someone, or speaking about someone, etc. So it pretty much always uses a preposition.


Thanks for your answer though I'm not sure you understood my question. I understand that you need "ri" but I answered An robh thu a' bruidhinn comhla ri Iain? and got it wrong and I don't understand why I shouldn't say comhla in this situation


Hi, còmhla is used to indicate togetherness. Bha sinn còmhla - we were together. It’s not needed here. It would be like saying “I was speaking together with Iain” in English. Hope that helps.


Thanks. Is it correct to say: Tha mi ri Iain. Instead of tha mi comhla ri iain?


Nope, in that example you need the còmhla. :)

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