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I still don't understand how duolingo works!

I am proceeding with a course about which I can find out very little. I have previously learned some Gaelic elsewhere and am really just using that as I don't understand how we are supposed to work out new words that come up or the rationale for some of the grammar.
I have only just found out that there is an inbuilt dictionary - I've been checking on another site! For example I know that in Gaelic there are male and female nouns, that the verb always comes at the beginning and that adjectives are supposed to correspond with the 'gender' of the noun, but none of this is being taught here - it's just what I already knew. the there are all these strange terms - lingots, crowns, wagers, etc. Where do I find an explanation of what any of those mean?

December 30, 2019



Crowns => the level you are on in your language tree

lingots => basically Duolingo's currency that can be use to unlock advanced lessons or to customise your Duo character

Wager=> Is the amount of lingots you recieve when completing a lesson

https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26612939?comment_id=26613849 For more info on crowns


I learned what I know by using Duo and reading the forum. It comes with time.

To add to the other comments ... If you are using the app, you won't have access to the Tips and Notes that available for each lesson on the web site, but you can access ALL of them on a single page here: https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd.

Another feature that is not available on the app is the Words list, available here: https://www.duolingo.com/words. This page lists all the words you've learned. It is sortable (click on a column head) and clicking on a word/phrase opens a page with the translation and several audio clips using it. The Words list is also available under the "..." menu on the web site. (There is a path problem with this menu, though. If you click ... when you first go to duolingo.com, you'll find Words in the menu. But if you go to the forums first, Words will disappear from the menu. At least that's what happens on my Android tablet).

Finally, a Duo user, Ollie-Ccf, periodically provides a list of words/phrases and their translations. You can look for his posts in the SG forum.


Duolingo is designed so that you learn by doing, introducing new topics a little at a time.

If there is a word you don't know, hover the mouse cursor over that word to see a hint or translation. This is the main way you are expected to learn new words.

Most of the skills (the colored circles) have a "Tips" section that will have some explanation of the rules and common phrases.

Be aware that the Duolingo Scottish Gaelic course is quite new, incomplete and aimed at complete beginners.


Do you use app or web? The grammar is explained when you click the light bulb before you start a lesson. In Gaelic course almost every skill has something that is called "tips and notes".


Is there a site or blog explaining how Duolingo works? There are multiple questions I have and I can’t figure out how to ask/post questions or comments.

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