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What version of arabic does Duolingo teach?

Hi! I'm learning Arabic with Duolingo, and enjoying it a lot! However I have a question: which version of Arabic am I learning? Gulf, modern, high, ...? I would just like to know.


December 30, 2019



Hello, I'm not here to learn Arabic as I am a native speaker of it! The Arabic Duolingo teaches is the formal Arabic (fos.ha) فصحى You can think of other forms of Arabic as accents, for example; English is the same all over English speaking countries but the way British people speak it is slightly different than Americans and also different from Australians, etc.. Do you get it? good luck حظاَ موفقاَ


From what I have gathered from other users in this forum, it teaches mainly formal (Modern Standard) Arabic, but some vocabulary and grammar is more like Egyptian Arabic than what would be considered "pure" Modern Standard Arabic. I have not studied it enough to know if this is an accurate assessment.


i've heard this too, and one duome the flag is Egyptian

i think it might have started as an Egyptian and been changed but not completely updated?

possibly that's quite a natural combination though? like my hypothetical Scot if speaking to someone from the USA would likely use some vocab they'd recognise (e.g. wee for small) but not more obscure words (e.g. lied for language).

QabasHeyasat99 is my speculation accurate?


As a learner of Semitic languages, I whole-heartily disagree. Moroccan is practically a different language from Jordanian, or Iraqi.


i thought the difference was much bigger? to the point of effectively being different languages. More like English and Scots, or Jamaican Patwa, or Tok Pison, or even Dutch.

Those examples are a bit obscure. I've heard the dialects are as Similar as the Romance languages, so as similar as Spanish and French, but i don't speak any of those fluently, so the analogy doesn't work for me, and speakers of those languages don't switch to Latin to speak to each other, at least not anymore.

whereas three people from Scotland, Jamaica, and PNG when talking to each other are definitely going to switch to English.


as far as i can tell, it's a mix of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian, flag is now Arab league flag, used to be Egyptian flag. but i'm also new.


Thank you QabasHeyasat99 for your answer. I asked the same question yesterday.

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