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Public service announcement: please stop asking for audio in the multiple choice questions.

Duo NEVER provides audio in any course (not just Arabic) for the multiple choice translations so for the love of God please STOP asking for it in the sentence discussions. It is super annoying to open sentence discussion after sentence discussion that just have somebody complaining about wanting audio in the multiple choice. It doesn't exist. Stop bringing it up in sentence discussions because Duo staff do not read those. If you want audio there, bring it up to the powers that be who can do something about it (and that is NOT the course contributers since they have nothing to do with that) but frankly that would be a waste of your time because they aren't going to change it.

December 30, 2019



Literally just heard a multiple choice translation in the French course. Where you have four options with pictures so.....


Those aren't translation exercises. The choose a picture with word have audio. The sentence translations do not so....

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