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Long sentences during timed practice

I find it really frustrating to have very long sentences to type or translate during timed practice. They use up a lot of time and if you make a mistake you've just lost most of your remaining time.

I find myself skipping those a lot so I can be sure to finish before time runs out.

Not sure if you should change this but I just liked to give my 2 cents on this.

April 27, 2013



We actually do give more time when you get a long sentence correct.


But if you get it wrong, you've used up a lot of time.


I agree that more time should be alloted for long sentences, and especially for sentences with a lot accented vowels. If I have less than 15 seconds left I just let the clock run out because I know I won't make it.


I agree, you should be rewarded with more time for completing long sentences.

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