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  5. "How many cars?"

"How many cars?"

Translation:Cò mheud càr?

December 30, 2019



Why is this Cò mheud, not Cia Mheud as in the last questions?


They are interchangeable. It explains that in the notes.

Cia mheud is way more common though


the notes? did not know there were any!


Cia mheud? - How many?

This is how we ask "how many" in Gaelic. Unlike in English, when we ask this in Gaelic we use the singular form of the noun?

bàta - boat

bàtaichean - boats

Cia mheud bàta? - How many boats?

A common alternative to cia mheud is cò mheud which means the same thing and occurs later on in the course.

That was pretty easy. COUNT yourselves lucky...tha mi duilich (I am sorry).



The notes can be found on the computer app, but I don't think the phone app has them. You can also go to https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd


is it càr singular and chàr plural ( more then two ) ? and so bàta and bhàta ?


No. Singular stays for one and two. Plural starts 3 + onwards. the "h" is lenition. Aon (one) and Dà (two) triggers lenition. Plural of càr is càraichean. So you have aon chàr, dà chàr, trì càraichean. It is in the tips. You need to use the web Duolingo, because the mobile app does not show the notes. (Notes are available for every unlocked section (bubble).


Yes. It's always worth reading the notes too. When you click on a subject icon, you will also see two smaller icons, a lightbulb and a key. Click the lightbulb for a short but thorough introduction to the grammar covered in that particular section.


Notes aren't available in the app which is why you'll see people asking questions that would otherwise be answered there.


If Cò mheud and Cia mheud are interchangeable then why does it mark you wrong? My daughter just answered ‘Cia mheud cat?’ And was marked wrong and told the answer should have been ‘Cò mheud cat?’


It is càr not cat


so we don't use the plural when asking how many?


Why is car singular in the Gàidhlig version? Shouldn't it be Cò mheud chàraichean? And if not, why? I read all the tips but don't remember this one.


how do we access notes from the Android app? this platform seems to be missing much! no vocabulary list, no notes, no moderator id, etc. Only offers the bare minimum. ... could be better!


The notes are available in the app at the moment unfortunately :( but here's a link to all the notes that you can open in your browser: https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd

Hope that helps!


Missing a 'not' in there I think.

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