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  5. "क्या मैं खेल सकती हूँ?"

"क्या मैं खेल सकती हूँ?"

Translation:Can I play?

December 30, 2019



Does this also translate as "May I play?", or that distinction based on context?


Yes. The distinction is based on context.


Can you elaborate? Do you mean that the word would be the same, but would be interpreted differently based on to whom you were speaking?


It depends on the situation (as well as the tone and body language in spoken form).
If the question is being asked by an athlete to her doctor, you understand she is talking about her ability to play. If it is by a daughter to her mother after finishing her homework, you understand the question to be a way of asking for permission.
It is similar to how the English word 'can' is also used to denote both ability and possibility in modern/informal English.

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