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Links to Scottish Gaelic Movies & Books

Thought I'd give this a try. A couple of us on the Facebook group Let's Learn Scottish Gaelic created these. I've uploaded the documents to Google Drive, and you may need an account to access them. Please let me know if this works or doesn't. These are Word documents and each file provides links to the sources.

Word Documents:

Thanks to @AJFJdb for creating pdfs and providing links to them!


December 30, 2019



Hey, would also recommend the website www.sgeulachdan.scot - it’s a selection of animated traditional tales with the accompanying text in Gaelic. We use it fairly frequently in primary schools and it can be great for tuning your ear and looking out for familiar words and patterns.


That one is in the books file since it is read-aloud text. But it could go in either. Thanks!


Is toil leam am "Bratach Shìdhe".

It's one of many stories about the Fairy Folk and there are a few versions. I remember seeing the original bratach shìdh (or Fairy Flag) at Dunvegan castle a few years ago.


I just checked out that website. Thanks so much. I am just starting out so I can't comprehend much, but as you said it will be great for ear tuning and getting started in comprehension. Thanks again


Haven't checked the links yet but if you go on a website called FilmG there's a whole heap of short films made in Gaelic, all of which have subtitles. Many of them are made by or for children as well so the Gaelic is simpler.

If you trawl back far enough you'll even find ones I've made...


Yes, I have that site linked in the document. Please let me know me know if the sharing is working now.


im gonna throw this one here, i worked on it as an animator in my first year of college about 7 or 8 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2vUnWGd_6s&t=207s

(the animation is not good at all, it was our first year and we had like 3 weeks to make it. just ignore it and enjoy the gaelic lol)


That's lovely! Thank you!


It’s worth mentioning An Comunn Gàidhealach who organise the National Mòd. This is a great cultural event which includes such things as mouth music. (Puirt à Beul) pibroch or Classical bagpipe music (piobearachd) poetry etc..


There are also provincial mods in various places in Scotland.

Ask a native Gaelic speaker how to pronounce “Am Mòd”. If you get it wrong, prepare for a snigger or two.


It would be wonderful to be able to attend Am Mod some day.


I found this channel on YouTube. He is very clear and also tells stories with lots of explanation. Good for beginners. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVX7RajLZmm8i7LEuli05tw


Yes - sharing works now when logged in to Google. Here are a couple of pdfs that should not require a log in to Jumpshare.

Movies: https://jmp.sh/VTkGihO

Books: https://jmp.sh/y3Jhj8p

Note -- these are the same files as those on google so if you got the google docs you don't need these.


Thanks so much! The links work great! I'll edit my post above.


I linked this in a post a few weeks back, but you should try and lìtir bheag and lìtir do luchd-ionnsachaidh


Thanks for these! I'm looking forward to checking them out :)

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