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"I have nine chairs in my room."

Translation:ʻEiwa oʻu noho ma koʻu lumi.

December 30, 2019



Why is o'u after 'eiwa instead of noho? Seems like it is "chairs of mine" vs "nine of mine"? Or just "one of those things" for a possessive?


What I read elsewhere is that normally possession comes after the noun, e.g. ʻEkolu paikikala o Keoki "Keoki has three bicycles." But in the case of pronouns, they come before the verb instead, so you get ʻEkolu ona paikikala "He has three bicycles." As to why that happens, I couldn't say.


When should you use "o'u" vs. "ko'u?" Would "Eiwa ko'u noho ma o'u lumi" work as well here?


I started this sentence with “I ‘eiwa...” coz an earlier question in this lesson was similar and started “I ho’okahi ....” although I didn’t understand why! Any explanations?


why do some numbers have "he" before them and others like this sentence do not? ʻEiwa oʻu noho ma koʻu lumi.


You can use searches in forum and the best one I found for you is in this thread. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32794320

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