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Translation:He iwakāluakūmākahi

December 30, 2019



Whatever happened tho the extra "-ma-"? I first learned numbers with just "-kuma-" but the on here i learned it was "-kūmamā-" - and now it's back to just "-kūmā-." Can someone unconfuse me please?


Hmm. It should not be incorrect to throw the extra in there. I learned numbers without the extra , just as DL has it here. Eleven was 'uimikumakahi. Apparently, my interpretation of eleven was either 1) a new 1980's way of expressing numbers or 2) a specific dialect.

Traditionally, (as the story goes) the extra was always included in numbers. I was told that either one was "toe-mah-toe" or "toe-may-toe."

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