"Litir mhòr."

Translation:A big letter.

December 30, 2019



"A big letter" didn't sound correct t me, so I tapped on it to check, and it said "a capital letter", which made more sense to me. So I changed my answer to "a capital letter", and of course got it wrong. The hints they give when you tap on the words shouldn't mislead us.


I had the very same experience. And I was going to type "a big letter"strange though that sounded-- because Duolingo has weird phrases rather often in every language--- until the hints suggested otherwise, and then, like you, was marked wrong. I am suspecting that really that phrase is used to mean capital letter. I notated a problem in the Report section.


Unless you were using "big' in the context of important, wouldn't "Litir fhada" be better?


you don't get a big letter, you get a long letter


There are big letters on a hillside in Hollywood!


Agreed! I got this right, didn't look at the hints, but am inclined to dismiss this as nothing more than a lenition exercise.

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Previously we've had litir meaning 'a communication on paper'. Does this mean the same word also refers to 'the members of the alphabet', as in English?


Does Lìtir have an accent on the first i? In other answers it says correct when I use the accent, but on this one it says pay attention to the accents when I put in that accent. (Not sure if it's meant to be different here, or my keyboard is somehow always screwing this one up, or if the 'correct' answer has a typo.)


Hey, no accent. I have just checked an I can't find it with the accent anywhere in the course. Could be a bug or a simple error. :)


Thank you!! No accent is easier. (I'm pretty sure it was the question asking for the spelling of the single word that was accepting the accent for me.)

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