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  5. "Multae puellae dormiunt."

"Multae puellae dormiunt."

Translation:Many girls sleep.

December 30, 2019



Many do not, as well.


This pronounciation sucks


I use the ScorpioMartianus youtube channel (Luke Ranieri) to get the classical Latin pronunciation. He seems to have very precise knowledge of the matter. No thick (retracted) English-sounding d's or l's in his pronunciation , for example from what I can hear (those sounds are really confusing here at Duo -- are they pure artifacts of modern people trying to pronounce Latin, or do they correspond to some variety of true classical Latin spoken at some point?). He also does the nasal endings (-um etc) very clearly, and also the retracted s, and the difference between long and short vowels... and no extra Germanic vowel sounds, just the Italian ones .. and good control of the (non-)aspiration after plosives ... the list goes on. I'm impressed!


How do you says girls v women in latin and sons v daughters ?


Not entirely sure what you are asking. But the plural nominative case of the words are: Pullae, feminae. Filii, filiae.


Hi thanks wow when I got your answer I had forgotten my question to you by then yes I am sorry I didn't make it clear enough what I was asking was how do you say daughters and Mothers in Latin and Fathers and Sons in latin and also brothers and sisters but i can see from your above answers which is enough for me to get by thanks anyway!


Wouldn't multiple also be a correct translation of 'multae'?

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