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  5. "Tha i a' tuigsinn."

"Tha i a' tuigsinn."

Translation:She is understanding.

December 30, 2019



‘She is understanding’—‘understanding’ is an adjective. It means something else.

A better translation might be something like ‘She’s following’.


To be honest I think that would cause even more confusion with the act of physically following. There is definitely a possibility for mixing the adjective up here, but providing people know what a verbal noun is and have seen them used then I think it'll be fine.


Wouldn't she understands be better?


Ok, so I'm confused because I thought the a' formation meant ''is blankING'' Having it change form is confusing at this stage. Reading this discussion, I see that perhaps the translation was modified to avoid the adjective issue. In that case, may I recommend ''is comprehending''?

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