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Duolingo settings/features missing/suggested

<h1>Here's a list of missing settings from Duolingo, please add more in comments and I will add them to this list</h1>

-Ability to delete or inactivate account

-EDIT: Just noticed that they have actually already added ability to disconnect Twitter. Thanks Duolingo!

-Ability to show warnings before navigating away from pages you're not finished (lessons, translations etc.)

-Ability to filter stream (i.e. everything just shows up chronologically, and if someone suggests an edit it's easy to miss, or if someone sends you a message it's also easy to miss)

-Ability to track your own posts in the discussion board

-Ability to sort responses on a thread by chronological order, instead of however it's doing it now. Alternatively, show hierarchy and allow people to reply to specific sub-posts.

-If you master a skill with unfinished lessons, you should still be allowed to complete those lessons

-Save progress on lessons and/or tests (otherwise you can keep re-opening tests if you run out of hearts and you get to start over without losing one of your three test tries)

-For translations: there are still frequent glitches, slow loading times, translations not being saved (refresh and page doesn't show your translations), things showing up strangely, things showing up needing translation but they're just numbers, URLs, punctuation, with nothing to translate.

-(Gumbee) Instead of showing number of translations, it should show coins earned from translations. [add on: less coins should be awarded for short non-translations like "1." ] Could also show overall translation score that takes into account the number of translations done, the number of up-votes received vs. down/medium votes, and the value of the sentences translated. Presumably duolingo uses a scoring like this internally to weight value of different users' translations.

-Published dates on translation pages all say 12/01/2011.

-Often links to original content don't work (takes you to 404 page on that site)

-Report inappropriate photos/profiles (if someone is spamming/posting inappropriate content in stream) Content filtering for young kids? (Couple times seen translation sites with nude/inappropriate images -- personally I don't mind, but kids are using the site so it could be a problem).

-Since duolingo is now open to everyone, doesn't make sense to limit the number of invites you have.

-By schoenewaelder: If you type in the wrong language (e.g. accidentally translate audio instead of just transcribing) you should get a second chance at the question.

-Seems to me that the voice recorder doesn't distinguish between right and wrong answers very well. I imagine that the point is more to encourage vocalization of words, and it's really hard to make a voice recognition software that works for everyone, but still seems like sometimes you can get it right without even saying the same sentence at all.

-(Kelvinsong) bring back ability to downvote on forum.

-People should be able to opt out of receiving notifications about what exercises people they follow completed (RemySecor)

-There needs to be more information available about how duolingo works, especially for beginners (RemySecor)

-At the end of each lesson, you're usually taken to a screen that lets you see the words you learned in that lesson so you can review, conjugate, etc. But when you 'LEARN' a section and get the congratulations message, it takes you straight back to the home screen, meaning you don't have the chance to practise the words from that lesson. (eugeneyiga)

-Ability to sort vocabulary by topic, or type (noun, verb, adjective), or level (how well you know word, so you can see all your new words together)


<h1>Some nice potential features:</h1>

-Chat/private messaging/group messaging

-New question styles / activities (e.g. vocabulary flashcard tests, matching, fill in blanks, even word search/crossword)

-Ability to take tests (not practice) on whatever lesson or lessons you want (not necessarily just for unlocking)

-Quicker switching between languages (right now switching languages takes you to the main page for that language, would be nice if, for example, you could just switch languages on each page by clicking tabs at the top of the page, like you do when viewing someone else's progress)

-"I would like to practice this more" button for incorrect answers. (Posted elsewhere by AGrey)

-Most translations are for 5+ year old irrelevant fashion/technology articles, or Wikipedia articles that already have versions in other languages.

-Just a thought: Have a store where you can buy things with your coins earned (e.g. access to translation games/activities, special badges/flair for your home page [i.e. customizable home page], any other ideas?)

-(abemore) Ability to choose translation categories.

-Ability to tag people / reply to people in forum/stream

July 31, 2012



Those are all good ideas, I would add the following:

Translation points awarded should be based more of the proportion of upvotes:downvotes, a small sum is immediately awarded for your effort (regardless of matching, since the duobot is rarely that good, and there are many times when all the other translators get that quantum mechanics article wrong). You should get the bulk of points on the first upvote, then a smaller amount for the second upvote(to avoid encouraging people to go for the popular articles), and so on, decreasing exponentially or something. The same should be true for medium and downvotes, small penalties(negative skill points) should also be levied if you get a lot of downvotes.

Translation skill points and lesson skill points should be kept separate. If Duolingo is ever monetized, translation points might be used to give out small rewards to translators.

Since this is likely to take away incentive to do the skilltree lessons, Skill points should be used to grant privileges, similar to how www.askubuntu.com does it, where at the highest tiers, users practically become moderators. Newcomers should not be allowed to translate until they reach level 5, and then on. The higher your level, the more your upvotes and downvotes will be weighted. Perhaps at higher levels, powers like deleting nonsense translations, promoting perfect ones, compiling translations into one document, adding insights and notes to articles, editing lessons/adding alternate acceptable answers, and placing bounties on neglected articles would be given.

  • Ability to choose a "Real [insert language] from the web" category that you are actually interested in reading/translating. So that you might actually learn something interesting or be entertained by the content.


Another thing, I want to be able to vote down stupid answers again, this karma thing seems to be giving this place the Learnatorium effect. (Learnatorium= A reference to an educational facility in the Fairly Odd Parents where students and their feelings are kept so safe, it defeats the whole purpose)

  1. It would be nice to be able to practice vocabulary as single words, similar to flashcards. The current 'practice vocab' function doesn't really differ from regular practice, even the algorithm that's supposed to choose the words you don't know doesn't seem to work properly

  2. Also, Kelvinsong makes some excellent points and I second the downvote option. It's non-existence reminds me of facebook. It's nice that duolingo walks the path of political correctness, not wanting to accidentally offend someone when they're downvoted, but I think there's no better mechanism than this to sort through lots of questions and insights and pick the best ones and get the bad ones out of the way.

3, Yay, bullet points are working in comments!


Also to add to this, rather than # of sentences translated being the comparitive against all those you follow, it should show total points for sentences translated. Someone can go and type: "1." and that gets counted as a sentence, whereas the more difficult sentences (which of course already earn higher points values) also get counted as one sentence, even though a considerable amount of time usually goes into translating them.


Another idea: There should be spanish language forums somewhere here, where learners converse in Spanish, and native speakers should be brought in from the Spanish Duolingo to "patrol" the conversations and correct errors, and vise-versa. Not sure how that would work for French and German, but at least for Spanish-English which has two-way support.

Duolingo should also add two-way translation, i.e. English speakers translate English documents to Spanish. The translations will probably have bad grammar and such, but it will be useful to help the translators on the EnglishSpanish end understand confusing sentences, especially with idioms(English speakers would be instructed to translate idioms into Spanish as directly and simply as possible, and Spanish translators use that to select the equivalent Spanish idiom, if any.)


It was actually by accident, when I was making that separator. You just put an equals sign on the next line.

How do you make bullets/numbered lists?

Test Test Test (1, 2, 3 greater than signs)

test surrounded by asterices


surrounded by hashes

test (underscores)

How do you do a numbered list?


Good List.

  1. I definitely would like some way to filter the stream. And I think that Insights should be a separate section from Questions.

  2. I'm not all that interested in knowing what exercises others have completed, and I suspect that some people would prefer not to have their progress publicly monitored. People should be able to opt out.

  3. The vocabulary section disappointed me because, as has been pointed out, it is the same structure as the lessons. I'd prefer a "flash card" type vocabulary test.

  4. I'm still confused about progress and think the site definitely needs a "how this works" section. For ex., when I started I was surprised to discover that completing a lesson was not the same as mastering a lesson. And why can I finish, say 3 or 3, and still show (right click) that I have not mastered the section.

  5. Another sore point, also pointed out, are the transcription errors. I'm usually watching TV while doing the lessons (Spanish for Spanish, French for French) and sometimes I transcribe in English when I should write in French or Spanish. The sw is smart enough to know I chose the wrong language; it should be smart enough to ask me to repeat and do it right.

  6. Preview option for comments.


BTW, how did you get the huge text?


High on my list would be a font which clearly shows the accents, particularly í.


@Kelvinsong. Good idea, thanks. OTOH, I think the site default should be fit for purpose. Not everyone uses Firefox, or wants to run extensions just for one site.


I removed the 'earned badges' box on Facebook, now how can I go about to make that re-appear again?


Yes, I confirm that switching between languages is very annoying and that it could be very easy just adding some buttons, or fixing the language drop-down menu. I'm Italian and I'm trying to learn English (from Italian) and French (from English). When I have time I try to do an English and a French lessons, so I have to go to the language settings and switch the language, but this is quite slow and sometimes I start learning a new language by mistake

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