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Cannot advance to next lesson

I cannot advance to Lesson 3 in Basics 1 in German. I have completed Lesson 2 many times but it does not record my progress and let me access the next lesson. This has happened before on a previous account on lessons 1 and 2 in Basics 1 which is why I made a new account (aka this one). I currently use google chrome and I've tried it without any add-ons and extentions etc. but it still does not work. My internet is provided by Charter through a landline.

April 27, 2013



What is the page that you see at the end of the lesson? Do you see the owl crying (with the message: Verdammt! You are out of hearts...), or the golden bar telling you the number of points you earned and the number of new words you learned? In order to finish the lesson you need to answer 20 questions without making more than 4 errors. If you do more than 4 mistakes you need to redo it. To advance to lesson 3 you need to complete lesson 2.

There is a progress bar in the upper left corner, with 20 small squares, and a number of hearts at the upper right corner. The lesson is complete when the progress bar is filled in green.

I hope this helps. Please check next time you try the second lesson, and let us know more details. Thanks


I just tested your account and it seems fine. Are you using a proxy to connect to the Internet?


No, I am not connected to a proxy and apparently I can't move onto the next lesson (lesson 3 basics 1) when I've completed it and skill points aren't added when I do the practice. I've tried doing it on my phone (not iPhone) to no avail either.


you may try it with the iphone Duolingo app, it might work correctly


Sadly I don't have an iPhone much less an Apple device that supports the application.

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