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Multiple users have feedback on how terrible the Arabic course is, multiple users report when questions, sounds, or sentences don't make sense, but nothing ever gets done. What do we need to do to improve this course and how more advanced students help?

December 30, 2019



It's important to note that the Arabic course is still in its infancy. It's only a few months old. That being said, Duolingo (in my opinion) should never be your only language learning tool. Rather, it's a great complement to other methods of learning (real life classes, speaking with a native speaker, other language learning software, etc.) And thus I've been using it to hone my skills and learn some words here and there rather than relying on it to learn the language. It's a great way to have fun and just keep up your skills. I suggest trying to get in touch with the developers if you have any big issues but honestly for me the best course of action is just waiting for the Arabic course to catch up to the other languages on Duolingo in terms of quality, just due to how long it has been active. After all, it takes time for a course like this to be developed, especially for a rich language like arabic.

حظا سعيدا!


All the courses are prepared by voluntary contributors. The more people are ready to spend some of their free time to contribute to this huge effort, the faster we will get a new version. Some people complain a lot, I fear it only discourages those who worked hard on this version, and those who could be ready to join the early contributors.


Well said. Hats off to the contributors. Even if the particular course is not the best, it is probably far better than we would have done. If not, please become a contributor so everyone in the community benefits. Less problems and more solutions, that's what we need. With a streak of 700 I'm sure you don't need lingots that we can't spend, but have one anyway. Cheers


Learn Arabic elsewhere. Come back to this course if you want to blast through a game for fun but DuoLingo just sucks overall. The notion of DuoLingo being a good way to learn is a fabrication. It is terribly inefficient and riddled with inconsistencies.

DuoLingo is fun to play but acquire your foundation through other resources. There are literally hundreds of better online resources these days.


I strongly disagree about Duolingo in general being inefficient for learning a language. Yes, the Arabic course certainly has many problems and needs some extensive reworking. But there are fantastic courses, for example the Turkish one, that give a good foundation. For me, it enabled me to understand some Turkish when I visited last year even while being only partially through the course. As with everything, you have to read about the grammar, and use other resources to complete your learning. And I would argue even the Arabic course as it is has its advantages: it is efficient at learning you the Arabic abjad, and introduces a few basic grammatical concepts to the learner.


Thanks, Juliet569059, do you have any suggestions as to which resources are best, or any you've had personal success with? :)


Disagree. Perhaps you are using Duo in the wrong way. For starters, stop "blasting through it for fun". Read all the sentence discussions. That makes it a slog rather than complete fun and many of the comments are extremely annoying and often just stupid but there is a lot of very important information in those discussions. You will also need to move on to other resources pretty soon after getting through a tree. Most Duo courses do not get past the early intermediate level. And to be conversant you would have to actually practice conversing which you can't do on Duo. However, there is a lot of useful basic grammar and vocabulary in the Duo lessons and it is fun even when it is work.


It is in Beta. If you want to see these changes then you can wait until it gets out of Beta. I don't think the course is that bad. I have learned quite a lot. It could be longer but I am sure that will happen later as well. The Japanese course was similarly short when it first came out but has been increased substantially since then.


It has been the official version for several months, i.e. not beta any more.

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