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  5. "A bheil thu glic?"

"A bheil thu glic?"

Translation:Are you clever?

December 30, 2019



It sounds like the speaker is saying “greesht”


Same. Is that how it's usually pronounced?


I agree Philip, I just cannot understand her.


The pronunciation of native speakers from different islands/areas varies considerably. As learners of any language progress, understanding of what is said by native speakers is a good indication of achievement.


Agreed, well put. I also found that as I became more familiar with my growing vocabulary, I tended to anticipate words. I finished the current tree 2 weeks back, and am now reviewing as much as I can. Eagerly awaiting 2.0! I may just close out and start from Intro to repeat the whole tree.


This lady's pronunciation ia so different from anyone else's. I get so many answers wrong from misunderstanding her.


"A bheil thu glic?" - is this not like the Scots phrase "Ah be wise!", used satirically?


I cant understand her. Some of the other readers pronounce things clearer


I admit that her pronunciation is quite different from others on here, but I like that it's a challenge for me to understand a variety of native speakers. It reminds me of how my accent in English might be difficult for L2 English learners to understand compared to what they might hear in a course.

For me, it's a good test of my progress if I can figure out what she's saying.


My dictionary defines both glic and tapaidh as clever. I expect there's a subtle difference between the two?


I gave the right answer


I would love to know what area this lady's dialect is from, can anyone shed light?


There are some things she says that hint at northern Hebrides (the way she pronounces “sibh”) but she doesn’t have the melodic style of, e.g., someone from Lewis and Harris. If I had to guess, I’d say Eriskay, Uist or Barra.


Thank you, I was hoping Skye due to a family connection :)

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Is this something that's actually said in English? You often ask (sarcastically) "Well, Aren't you clever!", but I just can't imagine actually asking someone if they are clever. Is this some sort of Dutch (EDIT - GAELIC) -specific thing?

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Sorry, learning two languages at once, sometimes I get them confused.

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