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"Il cinquanta per cento di loro non crede."

Translation:Fifty percent of them do not believe.

April 27, 2013



Remember that Italian says "the fifty percent", masculine singular > crede. If you would say "fifty of them don't believe" > cinquanta di loro non credono. (only one -d-)


Shouldn't it be "Il cinquanta percento" when it is used as a noun ? http://www.wordreference.com/enit/percent


According to the reading I did this morning on per cento vs. percento, I agree with Dnovinc.


Should also accept "per cent", not just "percent". I couldn't even figure out what I got wrong until I saw the missing space. My English dictionary lists "per cent" as the primary spelling.


Why is not credono?


Because "il cinquanta per cento" = masculine singular.


Why not "the fifty percent of them do not believe"?


Same problem here. I guess that's just a thing within the English grammar; "do" refers to "them", not to "the fifty percent". The percentage represents "them" so that's what you should base the verb on (they do, the fifty percent does).


I said "Half of them don't believe".... Guess DL doesn't like my laziness... -1 heart


Is "fifty per one hundred of them do not believe it" wrong?


I put "cinquanta percento di loro non credono" & it marked it correct, I guess if you don't put "il" then "loro" becomes the noun instead of "per cento"


I never thought about it until now, but interesting how "per cento" literally translates into both "percent" and "for one hundred", and those two things are the exact same thing since a percent is out of one hundred. Lol


What the hell? "il cinquanta"? I thought it was an audio problem. Why not La cinquanta (or Il cinquanto)?


il ... percento // la percentuale >> ... percent // percentage. I could write a lot about the reason for masculine and cinquanta. You would lose time trying to understand and that would be useless. It is quicker and easier to learn this rule: [number] percent = "il [number] percento" the number is the same number as used for counting. "un, due, tre, quattro, venti, cinquanta, novanta" IL CINQUANTA PERCENTO.


Think of it like "cinquanta" is an adjective modifying the noun "percent." The article agrees with the noun, not the adjective.


If 'do not believe' has to be in plural why percent isn't in plural????


We Never were introduced to "per cento" or %, only cento "100". And Should it not be one word and be translated " Fifty per hundred of them do not believe."??

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