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"Feumaidh tu tiocaid, a charaid."

Translation:You need a ticket, friend.

December 30, 2019



Nah it's fine. You can use it with the verb too, for example:

  • Feumaidh tu biadh - you need food
  • Feumaidh tu biadh ithe - you need to eat food


Does this look right to a native speaker? I thought feumaidh was an auxiliary verb that you can't combine with a noun as object.


Feumaidh tiocaid a bhith agad, a charaid


I didn't think of that. The English is actually ambiguous, as there is no verb apart from 'need'. In Gaelic you need to decide what verb to put with the 'need', so you get two choices. You thought of one and I thought of the other.

  • Feumaidh tiocaid a bhith agad you need to have a ticket
  • Feumaidh tu tiocaid fhaighinn you need to get a ticket

There is actually another construction that I mentioned above and that avoids deciding what verb to use

  • Tha feum agad air tiocaid you have a need for a ticket


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